5 Great Reasons to Use a Grammar Checker  

For every writer, getting your message across correctly, precisely, and concisely is an important skill. Many essays, stories, and blog posts miss the mark simply because the writer has much to learn about spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, and concision. For novice writers, getting from zero to hero can take many years of schooling and practice. In the meantime, what is an aspiring writer to do?

Rookie mistakes

Some obvious advice is to plan before you write. Barrelling headlong into a draft can leave you lost, confused and frustrated. Instead, you are better off jotting down a quick outline of your essay, story, or blog post on the back on of an envelope or with an essay outliner tool. Once you have a plan in place, a little freewriting and brainstorming never hurt to get the sentences flowing and get you moving toward your first, rough draft.

For all but a few professional writers, the first draft of your essay, story, or blog post will be an embarrassment. It will be full of errors and oversights that a fresher set of eyes could easily spot. To avoid this fate, novice writers may turn to a proof-reader to help with revisions. In the age of the online grammar checker, this is another rookie mistake—not because a proof-reader is not helpful, but because getting a human to edit an early draft will squander the proof-reader’s patience and goodwill by foisting upon him or her errors that could have easily been corrected by a machine.

Humans are not like machines. They tire. They react. They have emotions. Humans have the unique ability to tell you how a piece of writing makes them feel. Moreover, a human proof-reader has the unique ability to dramatize the presence of the reader through their comments and edits, showing the writer where a reader will struggle and stumble. To bog a human down with the task of eliminating surface errors is to squander a precious resource.

In other words, a student who uses an automatic grammar checker first stands to benefit more from the help of a human proof-reader than one who doesn’t. Furthermore, students who use an online grammar checker for any reason stand to gain in a variety of other ways.

1. Fix mistakes

The main purpose of any grammar checker used on a piece of writing is to detect errors for the writer to fix. As a result, students who use grammar checkers ensure that the work submitted is more likely to be error-free. By identifying the minor grammatical and punctuation errors, the students deliver an easily readable paper with greater clarity. Markers often assigned a specific percentage of the marks to the structure and writing of the student’s work. Hence, by using grammar checkers which can catch punctuation, grammar, and word choice errors, the student avoids losing marks unnecessarily. Similarly, a grammar checker offers the students a range of alternatives to consider in the restructuring of sentences while choosing the most appropriate ones.

2. Boost your confidence

Repeating the same mistakes regularly in the process of writing a paper may be quite frustrating for most students. However, neglecting these problems may, over time, affect the student’s level of confidence in writing. Failure to distinguish right from wrong with regards to grammar and pronunciation also limits efforts towards correcting the respective writing mistakes. Grammar checkers are good confidence-builders, allowing students to identify both the wrong and correct grammar or pronunciation in the process of writing. As a result, the learners will be more confident to try out different types of writing independently.

3. Learn more

By offering different suggestions to fix common grammatical and punctuation errors, grammar checkers assist students in the process of learning. The applications which incorporate complex algorithms and artificial intelligence dynamically learn a student’s writing style and error patterns. Based on this knowledge, they offer suggestions for the user’s on how to address common errors effectively. As a result, students using these applications access an opportunity to learn and improve their writing. Similarly, some grammar checkers allow students to evaluate their language proficiency through some problem-based tests in addition to maintaining a record of individual scores. These features inspire students to learn more with the aim of advancing their language proficiency.

4. Save time

Students often find themselves committed to many activities with the learning environment which limit the amount of time available to read through their work. As a result, by using a punctuation checker or a grammar checker, they save a considerable amount of time in checking their assignments before submission. The grammar checker is optimized to detect the minor grammatical and punctuation errors in texts in just seconds. With the errors already highlighted for correction, the students doesn’t have to read through the whole work trying to identify errors. Consequently, they can spend their valuable time elsewhere doing other things which need more attention.

5. Develop professional writing skills

Grammar checkers work in tandem with the manual proofreading activities done by the writer. This implies that for a piece of writing to be considered professional, the absence of errors is a crucial attribute.  Error-Free writing represents a form of professionalism on the part of the writer in addition to creating a positive appeal to the reader. As a result, essay checkers contribute significantly to the progression of students towards professional writing.







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